Maharaja Ranit Singh(Sher-i-Pujab) Darbar


The painting is of Maharaja Ranjit Singh(Sher-i-Punjab)  darbar at Lahore. Names of dignities were written is urdu with serial numbers at bottom of the painting.

Lahore DarbarAt serial29-Jean-Francosis Allared (1785-1839)Jean-Franois_AllardBorn in Saint Tropez,was in Napolean’s army,fought battle of Water loo.In 1822entered in the services of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.Raised a corps of Dragoons and Lancers.Served with Maharaja till death  1839.

Geg Gurmukh Singh-1At serial 31-General sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba,reciepient of highest military award Izat-i-Sardari and civil awards of Nirmal bud and Jjjal didar. Wounded fifteen times ,eight times with masket balls,thirce by sword cuts,thrice by spear thrusts and once by an arrow.  Aneeta Chakraborty in her book “Maharaja Ranjit Singh Artchitect of Many Splendoned Empire”–but the gendary warrier fought caring not for life or limbs,such generals stand out as sparking mile stone in the dim corridor of nation history.”Sardar born in small town of Kkawa,situated on the right bank of River Jhelum opposite Jalal pur..

2 .He was with the Maharaja at the capture of Lahore in 1799.Captured fort of Morada (Kassur),wounted by spear thrust in 1813 ,granted Jagir of Kassur areas  worth eighty two thousan yearly. He fought Jjang and Sialkot,and against the Gurkhas in 1800.The next year he was present in the siege of Multan,and aided in the reduction of Sahiwal and Khushab.He commanded a divsion in the battle of Attak in  1813  When the Afghans and the kabil Wazir were driven from Punjab,and   he fought in Kahmir and all along the northan and north west boundries of the province. He had a honour to command Maharaja’s presdigious troops Fauj-e-Khas. Before the capture of Lahore he received Jagirs  of Pindi Lala and Shahindan wala,and after wards Dinga and Rotto,worth fifteen thousand and thirty five thousan respectively.

3.After the Kasur campaign,where sardar took the fort of Moranda and where he was wounded by the sper thrust,he received Jagir in the Kasur Ilaka,worth eighty two thousand.Wen Nar Singh Chamiari wala died in 1806,his troops were placed under the command of General Gurmukh Singh Lamba. At one time his annual Jagirs were worth 3.5 Lacs.. In 182 he ,captured the famous fort of Rothas,now UNESCO Hritage Fort from Ghakhar chief Nur khan father of Sardar Fazil Dad Khan.In 1832,when sikh army was defeated by Dilasha Khan,under General Tara Chand,General fled,leaving the prestigious guns in the hand of enemy.General Gurmukh Singh on his own,charged at the head of his horsemen and recaptured the prestigious guns.

4.When General Hari Singh Nalwa died while defending the fort of Jammrud in 1837,he was moninated by the Sarkar Khalsa Wazir Jawhar Singh as military and civil adminstrative to safe gaurd the gains of Sikh army till Kyber Pass

5. He had in Auguest 1847 been appointed with Sardar Bur Singh of Mukeeria,to take charge of Maha Rani Jindan. when it was neccessary to confine her in the fort of Shekhupura .He dicharged the difficult duties with great fidelety and discretionThe title of Lamba was not given to him ,due to his height ,he had a medium stature.but the troops of Sardar Mahar Singh  Lamba ,who was extremly tall general.700 horsemen were placed under his command and popularly known as Lammba sardar due to lambi (long) command.

6..Main bother Raja Gulab Singh and Dhain Singh holding position of influnce in Maharaja darbar were agaist him.He defeated their father main Kishora Singh.He refused to toe in line with the main brother and was  loyal to sarkar Khalsa.

7. Sardar Gurmukh sing Lamba sketch potrait painting is dis played at” Central Museum Lahore “at serial D-40 with Caption read as—-“He took part in many of the campings of Ranjit Singh.His popularity,however made him incur the enmity of the Main brothers,who by their influnce over Ranjit Singh reduced Gengral Gurmukh Singh power and wealth.—On death bed Ranjit Singh said to have realised the wrong done to his faithful follower and commissioned his son Raja Kharak Singh to restore his power and Jagirs.”

8. Sir Lepel Henry Griffen write in his book Chief and Notes of Punjab—” The detail account of the military services of the sardar,be the history of all the wars of the Sikh Empire”.He further writes–“On his death bed the Maharaja feeling some what remorse for his shameful ingratitute,directed his son Kharak Singhto restore his Jagires and honour of Sardar forth with.”

9. Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba built a fort on the name of his son Sardar Atar Singh Lamba at his Jagir areas,with passage of time township came up,even to day the township is in existace and known as” Qila Sardar Atar Singh.”The decendants of sardar migrated to India to different places on partition 1947..Due to neglect and poor maintiance, the walls of fort started falling on its own.The Royal Treasure of Sardar was discovered in Jul 1951 and was confisicated by the Govenment of Pakistan.Fort Atar Singh Qila Sardar Atar Singh

Sikar Scene at Jagirs Naushehra,Pindilala,chakk Basava,Doburji,Qila Attar Singh & Kotsatter in Gurjrat (Pakistan)1939

Decendants of Sardar at Sikar at their Jagir arear’s-1945-Sardar Harkrishan Sngh Lamba(standing in centre) writer Grand Father,behind him Sardar Swarn Singh (Father)Lamba,extreme right Sardar Gurbachan Singh Lamba.(Uncle)



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