The Fort Of Jamrud

The battle of Jamrud in 1837 became the last contradiction  between  the Sikhs and the Afghans. It was  a scene of glorious fight  where General Hari Singh Nalwa of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was  wounded later died while defending the fort. Afghans retreated to Kabul to deal with the Persian threat  on its western border.

2.Where Khalsa Sarkar nominated Sarder General Gurmukh Singh Lamba one of eminent general of Maharaja, Sardar General Gurmukh Singh Lamba as political cum military commander to safe guard the gains of Khalsa Sarkar including the fort of Jamrud.  As the result of this battle the lonely plant (Jamrud Fort) 18 Km East of Pashwar,and Kyber Pass became the western limits of Sikh influence.

3.In 1839,  Maharaja Ranjit Singh with his troops enter in Kabul to take part in the victory parade along with the British after restoring Shah Shojato to Afghan throne at Kabul.


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