Rothas Fort-Asian Historical Architecture.

Shersha Suri defeated empire Hamayan in 1541 and to block his entry back to India and to suppress the powerful local tribe ‘GHAKHAR ‘he built the fort in 1541-43 and the task was assigned to Todar Mahal .Sher Shah Suri died before the fort was fully completed and the chief aim of the fort became redundant ,because Humayan returned to rule the Punjab. In a larger irony, the fort then became the capital of the Gakkars–the very people Sher Shah Suri had aimed to subdue.

2.Nur Jhan,the light of world,no other women ever held such a powerful position in the history of Moghuls, The emperor Jahanghir stayed twice in this fort,one on  way to Kashmir and second time when  Malka-e-Azam  Nur Jhan secured his release from a Afghan ruler Mohabat Khan.  On way back he held a darbar at the fort.

3.It was no longer even a military necessity as the Gakkars remained steadfast Mughal allies. Militarisation of the fort only began in the waning years of the Mughals when maha raja  Rajit Singh, the Sikh emperor, took control of the Punjab. An emboldened general Gurmukh Singh Lamba captured the fort from the Ghakhar chief Nur Khan in 1825, and it was later handed to Sardar Mohar Singh and was subsequently leased to others. The final military use of the fort took place when Raja Fazal Din Khan joined Sher Singh in rebellion, though the fort did not see any action.

4.The fort was added to the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1997.


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