Remembering The Raising of 11 Armoured Regiment.

Remembering 07 May 1984

Regt (First Dabar).jpg

Regiment First Darbar.

32 Glorious Years

1. On 27 Apr 1984,I was nominated to raise the 11 Amroured Rgiment and asked to assume the new
appointment on 06 May 1984.The first parade state of the Regiment given by the the second-in- Command
Major RN Sharma to me was

ORs -39
2. 07 May 1984 was a historic day,on this day between 1030 h and 1130 h,the Armoured Corps flag was
hosted by me as Commandant of 11 Armoured

Regt P-3

Armoured Corps Flag  being Hosted.


Regiment(The Double First) at Kaluchak Jammu (J&K),
on on this very day the Regiment Motto Jeet-Hi-Jeet of 11 Armoured Regiment(The Double First)
was published in the special Order of the day.The colours of the Regiment qualifies for
Sacrifice,Determination,Will Power and Death for Enemy.

Trophy Main-1

Commandant presenting trophy to the Regt on requilished of command (Open Rages Trophy)

What made the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Remorse on the Death bed

What Made Maharaja Ranjit Singh Remorse on the Death bed
( Remarkable character Quality of Maharaja Ranjit Singh)

Sardar General Gurmukh Singh Lamba 006

General Sardar Gurmuh Singh Lamba Izat-i-Sardari,Nirmal bud & Ujal didar.

1. Large number of books have been written on the life of the maharaja,his achievements and his character qualities have been high lighted in different ways. But most of the books have repeated the same material in different words by taking help of books which were in easily reach in the market. An official record book named ”Chiefs and Families of Notes in the Punjab”-by Charles Frances Massey & Sir Lapel Henry Griffin at page 145 with reference to district Gujrat (West Pakistan) under head of Family of Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba .While glorifying the great achievement of General Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba,grand father of sardar Gyan Singh Lamba, said that in spite of his remarkable successes in military campaigns. Main brother,Dora’s Raja Gulab & Dhain Singh having positions of influence in Maharaja’s court,not only down played but  both the brothers always worked ageist the interest of the sardar,the reason that he, defeated their father Main Kishora Singh. But in spite of this Sardar remained sincere to the Maharaja & refused to toe in their lines  .When Sardar captured the famous fort of Rothas from Ghakar Chief Nur Khan ,father of Fazil dad Khan in 1825 the fort was  given to General Sardar Mohor Singh on the interference of Main brother Dogra’s Raja Gulab & Dhain Singh Though the fort later reverted back to General Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba.
2. It is said,at later stage Maharaj under stood the game plan of Dogra Raja’s but than it was too late.

“On his death bed the Maharaja,feeling some what remorse for his shameless ingratitude,directed his son Kharak Singh to restore the Jagirs, to the man who had fought so faithfully by his side throught out life.”

3.The above statement get futher verified by the caption, written below the portrait painting of General Sardar Gurmkh Singh Lamba displayed at ‘Ceneral Museum Lahore’ at serial D-40. Which read as under-

“He took part in many of the campaigns of Ranjit Singh.His popularity however made him incur the enmity of the Main brother, who by their influnce over Ranjit Singh,reduced Gurmukh Singh power.On his death bed Ranjit ingh said have realised the wrong to his faithful follower and commissioned his son Khark Singh to restore his former power and Jagirs”

4. From above, two different references from historical records,this bring out,the out standing great character quality of the maharaja that even on death bed, he was so concerned for his follow men.He took no time to accept his fault & did not hesitated to take remedial actions.Perhaps this will be a sole example in the history where the maharaja is so concerned ,even when he was fighting with life and death.

sadar Gyan Singh Lamba

Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba (Grand son),Jagir dar, Pindi Lala,Chack Vasava,Kot Satter, Do burj Qila Sardar Atar Singh and Naushara.